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It’s Time To Book Your Dental Treatment!

It’s Time To Book Your Dental Treatment!

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Dr. Pressley and the Huntsville Family Dental team care seriously about every patient we work with. Giving each one the best dental experience they have ever had is the goal! Getting to know our patients, providing quality care, and implementing education on the importance of oral healthcare is just the beginning of the countless ways we strive to implement this. Informing our patients about how and why it is integral to come in for diagnosed dental treatment is central to our mission. 

Why Dental Treatment Is Important

To avoid needing restorative treatment in the first place, it is essential to come in for a cleaning and exam every six months. The hard-to-reach plaque will be cleaned from your teeth, and small cavities will be spotted before they become more severe or result in infection. If a cavity is discovered, Dr. Pressley and your hygienist will devise a carefully curated treatment plan and present it to you with a detailed explanation before moving forward. 

What Are Restorations In A Dental Treatment

Restorations involve restoring a tooth to its optimal health and structure and are one of the most frequent types of treatment patients see us for. They include everything from fillings to root canals and are used to treat tooth decay, cavities, and even missing teeth. Cavities result from plaque and tartar buildup on one’s teeth, which eats away at the enamel. This is where restorations come in. Minor cavities will need fillings, but an infection may form if left alone for too long. This could result in a patient needing a root canal. 

If the severity of a cavity has surpassed the level where a filling would adequately treat it, a root canal is a next step. A root canal consists of two main stages. The infected tooth’s root will be entered, and the infection will be removed. Once the root of your tooth is healed, it will be filled and functional again. If you want to avoid getting a root canal, seeing us regularly will allow us to catch cavities before they reach this state!

Restorative treatment is also the way to go if you have experienced an accident that has resulted in a chipped or missing tooth! We offer crowns to prevent weak or broken teeth from further damage. The best part about crowns is that you won’t notice them; your smile will be as good as new. By mimicking the look and feel of your natural teeth, they will be returned to their original aesthetic. 

If you want to learn more about prevention and treatment of cavities, click here to learn more.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

If you have pending treatment, it is the perfect time of year to get it scheduled! Use any remaining dental insurance benefits before the year closes, and make sure your smile is ready for the holidays. Many insurance companies won’t allow benefits to roll over into the following calendar year, so take advantage of them.

If you have any questions about dental treatment or want to schedule an appointment, call Huntsville Family Dental at (936) 295-5437.