Dental Crown Huntsville, TX

Do you need to restore a cracked or damaged tooth? Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that completely cover a broken or worn-down tooth and protect it from further damage. Dental crowns mimic the look and feel of natural teeth and are most often used as solutions for severe cavities.

Dr. Escobar wants to do everything he can to keep your smile in top shape. Restorative dentistry with dental crown treatment in our Huntsville, TX office is one of the most effective ways to address problems like dental damage or worn teeth after root canals.

Dental Crown Treatment in Huntsville, TX

Dental Crown Treatment in Huntsville, TX

We often recommend dental crowns for patients to support a tooth after a root canal, add structure to worn or weakened teeth, and hold dental bridges or cover dental implants.

To begin crown treatment, we apply anesthesia to the treated area, then shape the affected tooth to create sufficient space for the crown. Then, we take dental impressions to send to a dental lab that will create a customized crown. We will place a temporary acrylic crown in the meantime. After three weeks, we remove the temporary crown and ensure that the permanent crown is the correct shape, shade, and size. Finally, we cement the final dental crown in place.

Partial crowns, or inlays and onlays, are similar to traditional dental crowns but cover a different part of the tooth. Inlays cover the tooth’s chewing surface within the cusps or sides of a tooth. Onlays cover the tooth’s chewing surface and sides. Like dental crowns, inlays and onlays are color-matched to match single teeth.

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